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37240 Trstenik, Serbia

str.Pana Djukića 1

+381 37 712 398
+381 37 717 420

+381 63 626 046



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Company Eurosaba doo Trstenik, was founded in 1992 with the aim to deal with import and export of materials and spare parts required processing industry.

Thanks to perseverance, enthusiasm and professionalism, Eurosaba managed to survive in the turbulent and uncertain economic conditions and to prove a reliable partner that above all, insist on poslovnosti. Faithfulness and all poslonih wider network of associates are our best reference, but the motivation to continue to achieve results and success ...
The company today for more specialized programs, such as:

 Technically we are equipped to quickly and efficiently process the shipping and delivery of goods, and in every other way to meet the needs of patrons.

Eurosaba operates with several hundred customers in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Macedonia. Our goal is to be better than others who deal with these programs, perhaps we were, but it is certain that we will be ... because it is a smooth and efficient process for production of a common goal, not only our customers but also ourselves!


Steel shots Angular steel shots-GritSteel castings Composites materials │Copper grit


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